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by Graham Havercroft 03 Jul, 2017
We all know that for a website to perform online, the website needs to be more than just pretty pictures. Not everyone sees this though, and many see building a website is just about making the interface - design -  look okay and perhaps not taking into account all of the functionalities that should be developed into the website - whats it purpose for a kick off!

One this is becoming abundantly clear - in our business you definitely get what you pay for!

So, here is our take on what you should be asking for when considering a new website. 

  • 1. Mobile First - responsive mobile friendly designs that can be used on different devices - ideally designed with mobile as the foundation, pre-requisite.

  • 2. Fast Loading -  a Google ranking signal with the algorithm change recently, quick loading times, even on devices with slow internet connections.

  • 3. Tracking Enabled - web analytics tracking traffic as well as goals and conversions.

  • 4. SEO Ready - all important on page SEO element, including schema and xml sitemaps.

  • 5. Conversion Optimized - tools for clients to create campaign landing pages with conversion in mind, all part of our service.

  • 6. Powered By CMS - a Content Management Solution that is easy to use and enables easy adding and publishing content - like this here.

  • 7. E Mail Marketing - e mail capture forms, integration to e mail clients for seamless capture of data.

  • 8. Social Media - integration with relevant social media platforms. 

  • 9. Strong Security - fundamental security with the CMS and https and ssl certificates, all the bases covered.

We always advocate a client first approach in order to bring the website to market - together. If we can do this, we are both winners - form and function, in one place. More of these elements - right here
by Graham Havercroft 20 Jun, 2017
Delighted to have worked with Bikes of Inverness. They launched their new website 19/6/17 and it encapsulates the different aspects of their business.

Take a look at their shiny new website -  https://www.bikesofinverness.co.uk/
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